Why Outsource Your Manufacturing To China?

China is currently one of the world’s largest manufacturing hubs, and for good reason. As China manufacturing continues to grow, businesses and companies the world over are increasingly outsourcing their factory production there. Best of all, many U.S. based companies are learning of the true benefits of choosing China manufacturing; as both profits and consumer savings continues to go up. Below are two major reasons outsourcing your manufacturing to China is a good thing for the growth of your business.

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How To Ensure Quality Chinese Manufacturing


For the last decade, Chinese manufacturing has been at the forefront when it comes to the supply chain. And with huge numbers of companies offering quality, the choice is practically endless. Therefore, it is vital to know exactly how to determine which factory can actually reach the necessary standard of quality that you desire. Continue reading How To Ensure Quality Chinese Manufacturing

7 Reasons to Manufacture Overseas


More and more companies are seeing the sense in transferring their manufacturing operations overseas. Lower operational costs, custom-manufacturing, high-quality output, and reliable sourcing, make overseas manufacturing the more profitable option for many companies that want to maintain production costs in an increasingly challenging economic market. Here are the top 7 reasons for manufacturing overseas. Continue reading 7 Reasons to Manufacture Overseas

Why Outsource Your Wood Manufacturing


Outsourcing work you can do in-house is a controversial matter. Many companies argue that taking care of every element of business at their facility improves their brand reputation; however, the reality is that they also have to charge more as a result. On the other hand, lowering costs is one reason to outsource manufacturing. Continue reading Why Outsource Your Wood Manufacturing

Why Apple Products are Made in China


Not long ago, the Apple Company announced its plan to build a manufacturing plant in America. Though most of Appleā€™s products are still exclusively designed in California, to date, almost all of the 31 million IPads, 72 million iPhones, and over 60 million other Apple products sold last year, are still China manufactured products. Continue reading Why Apple Products are Made in China