Chinese Manufacturing Plastics

It is China that is the undisputed outsourcing solution for US-based companies. Despite other nations like India and Pakistan rising and establishing their own market share, China remains the dominant market player for companies that are looking to reduce their production costs. Continue reading Chinese Manufacturing Plastics


Chinese-American Relations Help Manufacturing and Trade

With the economies of the United States and China having both grown into two of the world’s largest economies, inevitably both nation’s trade will be inextricably linked together. Continue reading Chinese-American Relations Help Manufacturing and Trade

The “Made in China” Stereotype

Made in China

When many individuals notice the “Made in China” label on a product, some will instantly assume it is inferior, poorly made or unattractive. This stereotype is unfair and perhaps even outdated but unfortunately, the ‘Made in China‘ label still conjures phrases such as “not build to last” and “cheap imitation.” Continue reading The “Made in China” Stereotype