7 Reasons to Manufacture Overseas


More and more companies are seeing the sense in transferring their manufacturing operations overseas. Lower operational costs, custom-manufacturing, high-quality output, and reliable sourcing, make overseas manufacturing the more profitable option for many companies that want to maintain production costs in an increasingly challenging economic market. Here are the top 7 reasons for manufacturing overseas.

Large workforce

A constant challenge, especially for small companies, is the limitations of a workforce that may be too small to meet a huge demand. The large workforce in countries like China can cope with any demand, so that you meet target production deadlines on time.

Quality Products

Effective quality control oversight, done either by international trade managers, the manufacturers themselves, or both, ensure the quality of finished products.

English-fluent trade partners

The vast Chinese workforce is seeing a growing trend in English-fluent workers, which increases their competitive edge globally, and allows for easier communication between Western clients and Chinese manufacturers.

Lower production costs

Low labor, property, and equipment rental costs, allow Chinese manufacturers to be more flexible in their pricing. Lower production costs increase profit margins, while maintaining the standard of quality for products.

Lesser burden on domestic internal resources

Outsourced production allows companies to free up internal resources that could help improve management of daily operations, and core aspects of the business, such as sales and marketing strategies.

Increased production

A greater capacity for production that is affordable, allows companies to increase production, raise sales, and increase profit margins. This includes increasing the production of one product, or branching out into new product lines while enjoying cost savings.

Smooth, reliable operations with skilled overseas trading partners

Partnerships with reliable trading managers, facilitates smooth and hassle-free outsourcing. Domestic companies can rely on their partners to seek out the most reliable manufacturers, ensure that legal bases are covered, and assist them through each step of the manufacturing process; from raw material selection, to packaging and shipment.


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