Making The Most Out Of Manufacturing In China


While it is possible to build practically anything in the great Land of the Dragon, there are certain areas of expertise where manufacturing in China makes even more sense for US companies who are still considering the possibilities. Continue reading Making The Most Out Of Manufacturing In China


Why Chinese Manufacturing Succeeds


Chinese manufacturing has revolutionized much of the way that the world does business. Huge corporations and start-ups alike, are turning to China to have prototypes and full-fledged products created. Why has this succeeded so well over the years? Continue reading Why Chinese Manufacturing Succeeds

Outsourced Manufacturing – Metals and More!

In a globalized economy, there are more variables than ever that businesses can consider when deciding on a manufacturer. With location being one of these prominent factors, it is important to analyze every possible area that your organization can expand on their manufacturing efforts. Continue reading Outsourced Manufacturing – Metals and More!

The “Made in China” Stereotype

Made in China

When many individuals notice the “Made in China” label on a product, some will instantly assume it is inferior, poorly made or unattractive. This stereotype is unfair and perhaps even outdated but unfortunately, the ‘Made in China‘ label still conjures phrases such as “not build to last” and “cheap imitation.” Continue reading The “Made in China” Stereotype

Lean Manufacturing

lean manufacturing

While two terms within the industry ,”Lean Manufacturing” and “Low Cost Manufacturing” are often used interchangeably, they actually have slight differences as each refer to the method and techniques of the manufacturing industry, respectively.

While low cost manufacturing focuses on the optimization of all manufacturing expenses and costs, particularly on a large scale with outsourcing, lean manufacturing concentrates on the efficiency of resources such as materials, methods and human capital. Both seek to improve productivity and eliminate waste.

Continue reading Lean Manufacturing

4 Ways Chinese Manufactured Items Benefit Your Business

For those companies that are in the final states of any manufacturing project and plans are are ready to finalize the design and funding stages, it is important to consider all of the options that can help keep costs down while still being able to deliver quality items. Continue reading 4 Ways Chinese Manufactured Items Benefit Your Business