Getting Your Products Made in China

It is now commonplace to see a label reading “made in china” on a vast majority of the goods we purchase. Last year, the top ten exports in China accounted for nearly seventy percent of the overall value of worldwide shipments. Exports from China were also estimated at nearly 2.4 trillion U.S. dollars—which is up nearly 49 percent since just 2010.

Technology and fashion products are some of the most rapidly expanding exports from China; yet, you may be asking what specific products are made there?

First off, all Apple Computing products are produced in China. Many U.S. consumers are surprised to learn that the popular Northern California brand exports all of its manufacturing to plants overseas. This means whether you have an iPhone, iPad, or MacBook Pro—all of these items originated from China.

Many high-end fashion brands are also produced in China. Think your Prada sunglasses are made in Italy? Think again! Those cute little labels on famed Coach purses aren’t really giving the whole story either—the vast majority of Coach brand bags are also produced in central China. In fact, many news outlets report that China’s Coach Factories are some of the nicest places to work, offering good pay, benefits, and a comfortable work environment.

Active-wear giant Lululemon also exports a large majority of their products from China; as well as the clothing labels sold by The Gap, Diesel, J. Crew, and Tommy Hilfiger. Additionally, 63 percent of the world’s shoes were produced in China in 2010—that’s an impressive 12.6 billion pairs of shoes.

Don’t assume clothing and technology-related products are the only items produced overseas. Whole Foods 365 Organic brand products are also imported from China. The high-end grocer assured its customers that food does not have to be grown in the States in order to be labeled 100 percent organic.


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