Making The Most Out Of Manufacturing In China


While it is possible to build practically anything in the great Land of the Dragon, there are certain areas of expertise where manufacturing in China makes even more sense for US companies who are still considering the possibilities. Given that China has spent the last several decades building up a pipeline of low cost raw material suppliers, and constructing the world’s most extensive outward bound shipping network, it is clear that one of China’s largest advantages lies in its ability to produce high quality, high volumes of goods at very low costs.

This wise practice of low cost production, allows the international business community to offer their China-built products at a considerable advantage, over those who choose to build their products elsewhere, or domestically. This is of particular value when it comes to large production runs of low-margin, high-demand items. It also offers considerable dividends even when working on a globally sourced, yet locally assembled product line. High quality items contracted for manufacturing in China, like fasteners, packaging materials, and basic goods, can cut costs to a significant degree. Couple that with the provision of China-made sub-assemblies, and an even greater profit margin can be achieved.

The point is that manufacturing in China is a very flexible way to custom fit production to the requirements that specifically fit your company’s needs. End-to-end production runs are of course a staple of Chinese manufacturing, but an increasing amount of professional global partnership arrangements, and liaison business brokerages, are also occurring to help keep companies successful when having their products customized through China manufacturing. Fast, high volume production runs of critical components has been a China specialty for many years.

What’s most important to know is that Chinese businesses are aggressively looking for ways in which they can help you succeed in your own enterprise, and they are quite willing to do whatever it takes to gain your confidence. It becomes a prototypical textbook transaction where both sides can handsomely profit from their joint efforts, and provide enhanced value in the form of higher quality and lower cost to the ultimate end user.

Learn more about China manufacturing and how to make the most out of it for your business.


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