Why Chinese Manufacturing Succeeds


Chinese manufacturing has revolutionized much of the way that the world does business. Huge corporations and start-ups alike, are turning to China to have prototypes and full-fledged products created. Why has this succeeded so well over the years?

The first reason is the workforce. With such a large population, China has the people to fill the factories and the ability to provide excellent craftsmen. In all societies, a certain amount of people are taken up by necessary jobs to keep the society strong; and it is only when the population reaches a certain point that a robust workforce can form.

The next reason is China’s resources. Raw materials are needed for any type of Chinese manufacturing, and the large land area means these things are plentiful. Since raw materials can be gathered from within the country, it helps to keep the production costs down.

That brings us directly to the main reason that Chinese manufacturing has been so good over the years- The price point. The large, well-trained workforce is also able to work for an affordable wage. While inflation and other factors have driven prices up in other countries like Australia and the United States – sometimes to the point that manufacturing is impossible – the same issue has not happened in China. This ultimately keeps products affordable both for the companies and for the end consumers.

The final reason why manufacturing has done so well, is because of a determined spirit and a desire for China to succeed.. When a new start-up comes to China to have parts and products made, the factory managers are interested in taking risks because of the growth potential. As the company grows, so does the workload and the profits. This desire to succeed has helped countries all around the world, and keeps China as the world’s premier manufacturer.


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